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Elevate People, Save Gorillas

We donate 5% of every sale to Gorilla Doctors

Amy started on this journey because of her deep love of mountain gorillas. Early in her studies she recognized the connection between economic poverty and threats to wildlife. Today, there are only 1,000 mountain gorillas left on the planet and the greatest threat to their survival is human population growth. Nearly half of the remaining mountain gorillas live in the Bwindi National Park in Uganda, a country roughly the size of Oregon but with 10 times as many people.

But, if we can create an opportunity for people, especially women, to earn a consistent, sustainable income, that isn’t dependent on the forest where gorillas live, both the people and animals win!  

Will buying handmade goods save gorillas? Not directly, but it’s one approach to a complex challenge and it’s why, for a more immediate impact, we give 5% of every sale to Gorilla Doctors (that’s each sale, not after we make a profit). 

Gorilla Doctors’ is a team of dedicated veterinarians who provide life-saving medical care when a gorilla is sick or injured. They also work closely with local communities to support the health of people, livestock, and dogs, all of which can transmit disease to gorillas. As a non-profit, it relies on outside funding - and every purchase you make from Lucy & Jo helps provide that support.