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Hello there, Change Maker!

If you’re interested in carrying Lucy & Jo, we’d love to connect. As a Lucy & Jo brand ambassador, you will have a direct impact in transforming the lives of artisans in East Africa while also contributing to the long-term survival of the gorilla as we donate 5% of every sale to the non-profit, Gorilla Doctors. Learn more about our mission.

“Partnering with Lucy & Jo is such a joy. Lucy & Jo products add a wonderful energy to our shop! The quality of Lucy & Jo creations are undeniably great, but the stories are even better.  The beautiful information cards provided really complete each piece, making it the perfect gift that gives back! It’s truly a win/win situation for us all.”  - Mary, co-owner of Chris+Mary, Santa Monica, CA

How it Works

Here’s a few things for you to know about our wholesale program –

  1. We provide printed ‘story cards’ for each item to be included with purchase and to make it easy for you to share the story behind each product. We do not charge for these, we believe the story behind the product is essential to raising awareness around ethical consumerism. People also love seeing pictures of the artisans and having that to give if they are purchasing a gift.
  1. We do not consign our ethically handmade goods from East Africa. There is a 50% deposit required at the time of ordering and payment in full is due at the time of shipping. Because our entire model is to build sustainable livelihoods for the artists, we pay upfront for our orders and use the sales to place more orders. It is only through consistent orders they are able to build stable incomes and break the cycle of poverty. If we are waiting 30-90 days for payment from our retailers, it reduces the number of orders we can place throughout the year.
  1. We are open to consigning the jewelry handmade by us in our Los Angeles studio on a case by case basis to ensure a good fit for both of us. Let’s connect & start a conversation! 
  1. All orders ship from Los Angeles via FedEx Ground. If you have an account with a different carrier, we are happy to accommodate you. 
  1. We do limit the number of stores carrying our goods and will not partner with more than one store per zip code unless there is a more than 20-mile distance between locations or the stores are carrying different collections from Lucy & Jo.

Contact us to receive our current wholesale line sheet. Please provide your store name, location and resale number in your email. Thank you so much for your interest!