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Amy Bond

(also answers to: Lucy) – Founder

“Ethical and sustainable isn’t about making the sale, for us, it’s the starting point for every decision we make.” ~Amy

Amy’s love of mountain gorillas began at the age of 12. In college she traveled to Kenya to study wildlife biology and immediately fell in love with the people and how they used adornment to record and pass down their stories.

As a graduate student she returned to Africa studying primate behavioral ecology but couldn’t ignore the connection between poverty and threats to wildlife so she left grad school to pursue market-based approaches to solving social challenges. Amy has a Master's degree in Animal Behavior from UC Davis and currently works part-time for Gorilla Doctors as their Associate Director of Marketing & Communications.

Joann Schilling

(also answers to: Jo or Mom) – Co-Founder

"Change takes courage and commitment."~Jo

Joann is a lifelong entrepreneur, starting with a floral design business in the 1970s. In the late 1980’s, she launched an interior design firm, where she worked with clients across the country for more than thirty years.

Today, she brings that same eye for design and detail to each Lucy & Jo creation. As Mom, she is responsible for teaching Amy everything she knows about design, creativity, and being a girl boss (hint: it’s all about color, texture, pattern, proportion, & most importantly, attitude).