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Our Story

It all began in a 7th grade science class...

When Amy was 12, she had to do a report on the mountain gorilla and it was love at first sight. And while it’s been a bit of a winding road, it ultimately led to Lucy & Jo, a company inspired by a life-long love of gorillas, deep respect for the people and art of Africa and a daring belief these two passions could form a business to positively impact both.

We are a mother-daughter-founded lifestyle brand for women who are wildly curious, delight in discovery and want to empower others through their purchases. Each piece we hand-craft in our Los Angeles studio or co-design with our artisan partners is rich in quality, story and the core beliefs that:

Creating jobs can help save gorillas

Lasting change happens when people are self-empowered through the dignity of work

Socially-driven, for-profit businesses are essential to disrupting the traditional supply chain that so often puts people and the environment last

When women come together, amazing things happen

We hope our goods inspire you to go exploring, make friends and elevate others.

Love, Lucy & Jo

P.S. What’s with the name? Amy Bond (Lucy) and Joann Schilling (Jo) are the founders of Lucy & Jo. We know the name is a little confusing but don’t worry, we answer to both. Jo is short for Joann and Lucy was the nickname Amy’s Dad gave her as a kid and it just kind of stuck.


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