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Lucy & Jo + CERESAV

When women come together, amazing things happen.

We first discovered the Ugandan non-profit, CERESAV (Center for Rehabilitation for Survivors of Acid Violence) during a buying trip in 2017. We began selling baskets woven by survivors and donated the proceeds back to the organization. Acid attacks are as horrific as they sound and overwhelmingly target young, impoverished women who often do not have the resources or family support to survive. 

In 2018, they shifted their mission to focus on direct support of victims in the hospital, the most critical time for survival. Since our commitment to CERESAV was not about baskets, we also shifted, hosting a fundraiser on August 25th in Santa Fe, NM. CERESAV founder and acid attack survivor, Hanifa Nakiryowa, was our guest of honor, sharing her extraordinary story of survival, healing and ultimately, empowerment.

"My scars won me a voice I did not have for quite a long time. And now that I have it, I will BOLDLY use it for others to find their own voices." ~ Hanifa

Led by Jo and her team of amazing women volunteers, our goal for the evening was to raise $6,000 to cover four months of medical expenses for three women currently in the hospital (Maggie, Jane & Lydia). We are thrilled to announce we raised over $9,000, enough for six months! Unfortunately, the need is ongoing so please consider a donation. CERESAV is sponsored by the 501c3, Social Good Fund so you will receive a tax-deductible receipt as allowed by law. Thank you so much!