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Below are detailed cleaning and care instructions for our jewelry, fashion accessories and home goods. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via email or Instagram.


Brass and silver patina naturally over time (just like us). To maintain a high shine, we recommend a gentle cleaning with a polishing cloth. For pieces that are oxidized as part of the design, polishing is not needed. Gold fill maintains its shine like real gold. An occasional gentle cleaning with a soft polishing cloth can buff out small scratches that occur naturally with wearing.


Our jackets are 100% waxed cotton with a polyester lining. While the fabric is color safe we recommend dry cleaning or washing by hand in cold water. Line dry. Do not tumble dry.

Tote Bags

Our totes are 100% cotton. Wash with like colors in cold water. Line dry. 

Wood Bangles

Wood bangles are hand-carved and finished with a light coat of polish to enhance the natural wood grains. If worn often, they will absorb our natural oils and patina nicely over time. Remove before showering or swimming.

Wood Utensils

The wood utensils have been seasoned with a vegan, coconut-based oil. When cleaning, rinse with cold water and only use a gentle soap if needed. Do not scrub. Pat excess water with a cloth and air dry. We recommend seasoning with a light coating of a food safe oil, to maintain a long life and enhance the natural wood grains. HERE is a simple guide on how to season wooden utensils (note: you can also use olive or coconut oil).


For an overall clean, remove the pillow cover and dry clean only. To spot clean: Mix one teaspoon of gentle liquid soap with 4 cups of water, dip a sponge or cloth in the mixture, wring it out as much as possible, and dab. Do not scrub.

The inserts are hypo-allergenic & eco-friendly, with the fill made from 100% recycled plastic and the case from 100% unbleached cotton. For a deep clean, dry clean only. Remove pillow cover. If you just want to freshen or fluff the insert, remove the pillow cover and toss in the dryer on “air only” (no heat) along with a couple of tennis balls for a single cycle. Pillows are not warranted for any cleaning method other than dry cleaning.


Our napkins are made from 100% waxed cotton. They have been pre-washed and dried. They will not shrink. Wash in cold water with like colors. Do not bleach.


The baskets are hand-woven with natural fibers (grasses and palm leaves). They are not treated with preservatives so we do not recommend getting them wet – if you use as a plant container, remove the plant for watering. If using for food (bread, chips, pretzels, etc.), we recommend lining the basket with a cloth or paper napkin as the fibers can absorb oils.

Decorative Wool Felt Animals

The animals are needle-felted by hand with a foam base. Do not dry clean, machine wash or tumble dry. If needed, spot clean gently with a damp cloth and gentle soap. As these are fully handmade, they are not recommended for children under 5 years of age and only in the presence of an adult. Not a pet toy.