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CERESAV (Center for Rehabilitation of Survivors of Acid and Burn Violence) is a non-profit supporting survivors of acid attacks. Acid attacks are as horrific as they sound and overwhelmingly target young, impoverished women. The organization’s founder, Hanifa Nakiryowa, herself a survivor, started CERESAV in 2012 as a self-empowerment platform where survivors are given the skills to rebuild & regain control of their lives. We initially partnered with CERESAV to sell their baskets and help raise awareness about acid attacks violence against women.

As of 2018, their mission has shifted to focus solely on funding medical care for new victims in the hospital. Hospital stays can last several months and in Uganda, patients are required to provide all supplies – bandages, medicine, food – which is very expensive. Since they are no longer selling handcrafts, our relationship with them is evolving as we figure out the best way to support their work moving forward.  

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